This blog is dedicated to all those animal addicts out there. I'm one of them and have been ever since before I can remember (according to the stories I've been told by my family of when I was a little girl). If you love animals as much as I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them on your dash! Do you know of any petitions for animal rights? If so please submit them to me! I would love to post as many as possible. I try to look some up but I would love being told of any I don't currently know about. You can check out petitions I have posted about here. I like to keep everything organized so click here for some ideas on tags you can search. They're linked there as well, to make it even easier. You can also search animals by their species or breed. And feel free to submit pictures of animals you've taken!

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Aoudad | animal blog
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Family of Addax | animal blog

A FACT ABOUT EGYPTIAN ANIMALS: in ancient Egypt, the most common house pet was the dog. Since cats were seen as guardians they were not called pets and therefore not given names. Meanwhile, dogs were pets and though their care was like the cats, though probably not as extreme, they were given names.

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Baby Dorcas Gazelle | animal blog
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Dromedary Camel | animal blog
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Stray kittens in Egypt | animal blog | photo credit

A FACT ABOUT EGYPTIAN ANIMALS: in ancient Egypt, every single family would have a cat because they believed the cat would watch over the household and family, especially their children. Cats were held in very high regard and because of this they were not considered pets, but considered much higher than that. Cats were considered guardians and therefore were very rarely (if so done, secretly) named. They were treated like beloved pets though;, receiving a lot of love and care, cuddles, kisses, petting, playing, and whatever else the cat was be craving. Though that has changed greatly, cats and kittens are quite plentiful in Egypt and many strays roam the streets; often cared for by locals, and of course some families keep cats as pets.

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A FACT ABOUT DOGS: about one third of the dogs that wind up in shelters are completely pure bred dogs. If you’re looking for a pure bred dog you can still go to the shelter to pick one up, and the myth that they’re damaged if they’re in the shelter is just that, a myth. Something ignorant people allow themselves to think. Check out www.petfinder.com to search for dogs in your area!

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Shelties at sunset | animal blog | photo credit
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Old and forever friends | animal blog | photo credit
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Calico kitten | animal blog | photo credit