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Rainbow Lorikeet can be found in the wild near the coastal regions of northern and eastern Australia. | animal blog | photo credit
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INTRODUCING ANIMALS IN AUSTRALIA! It’s estimated that there are between 100,000 and 200,000 crocodiles living in Australia. They’re so common in fact that there’s actually crocodile themed parks throughout the continent. The one animal most people will think of when asked to pick an animal in Australia is the kangaroo. The wallaby looks a lot like the kangaroo and also lives in Australia but it’s much smaller in size and can actually be kept as an exotic pet in some states throughout the United States. Here’s an estimation of the different types of species and/or sub-species that can be found either throughout or in specific areas of the island continent:- 450 species of mammals- 300 species of lizards- 140 species of snakes- 2 species of crocodiles- 2,000 species of bony sea fish- 180 species of freshwater fish- 100 species of sharks- 50 species of rays- 750 species of birds- 2,000 species of flies- 5,000 species of bees- 110,000 species of insects- 2,000 species of spiders | animal blog
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Pallas Cat | animal blog | photo credit
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Babirusa | animal blog
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Asian Paradise Flycatcher | animal blog | photo credit
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A FACT ABOUT ANIMALS IN ASIA;  The above picture is of a wild dog that has existed in Asia for a very long time. They are sometimes called the Asian wild dog, Asiatic wild dog, red dog, or the singing dog; but their actual name is the Dhole and they are an endangered species with less than 2,500 living in the wild. Some zoos have managed to successfully keep and breed them in captivity which is great news for the species. Hopefully a program will step forward to not only breed these interesting canine like creatures, but also release them into the wild to repopulate Asia. | animal blog
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Asian short clawed otter | animal blog | photo credit
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Asian Elephants | animal blog
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Binturong (aka the bearcat) | animal blog | photo credit
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Leopard in India | animal blog
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Orangutan baby | animal blog | photo credit
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Pallas Cat | animal blog | photo credit
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A FACT ABOUT ANIMALS IN ASIA;  The Brahminy Blind Snake, or the Blind Snake, is also sometimes called the Worm snake because it has no eyes. It uses other senses in order to get around safetly exactly like worms do. Because of this their other senses are often more sensitive and strong than others like snakes. These snakes are mostly found in Africa and Asia but others have been found in other places including in Hawaii. Some may be pets that were released into the wild or that escaped on their own, as snakes are skilled escape artists - blind or not! This type of snake isn’t dangerous and it’s often mistake to be an earth worm. It looks a lot like one except that it isn’t segmented like a worm is. | animal blog
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Agama Planiceps | animal blog