This blog is dedicated to all those animal addicts out there. I'm one of them and have been ever since before I can remember (according to the stories I've been told by my family of when I was a little girl). If you love animals as much as I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them on your dash! Do you know of any petitions for animal rights? If so please submit them to me! I would love to post as many as possible. I try to look some up but I would love being told of any I don't currently know about. You can check out petitions I have posted about here. I like to keep everything organized so click here for some ideas on tags you can search. They're linked there as well, to make it even easier. You can also search animals by their species or breed. And feel free to submit pictures of animals you've taken!

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Border Collie herding sheep
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Friesian horse | (credit)
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Silkie Chicken

Fact About Farm Animals: goats are actually very good swimmers!

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Fact About Farm Animals: chickens have over 200 distinct noises they make when they’re communicating.

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hello there! i really like your blog (who can resist cute animals?). it seems the pictures are taken from various sources and I do not see any source for your pictures, though. I think it would be great if you started sourcing everything, because it helps many people! You'd give credits to the photographers, which they deserve, and also give your followers the chance to find more material of someone specific when they take a liking to it. greeting, lisa


the pictures without sources are photos not credited. if there’s a credit to the photo i credit it. if there’s no name to credit the photo, i don’t because that would be either impossible or extremely, extremely difficult to figure out who the photo belonged to. the photographer obviously doesn’t care to be credited if they didn’t take the time to credit their photo(s). that’s why you see some credited and others not. saying none are credited is a lie, or you just didn’t look far.. at all. so like i told someone before you, if the photographer isn’t going to take the time to credit their work i’m not going to take the time to find out who took the picture. that’s more than fair, especially considering many photographers take what’s called stock photos, meaning they’re available for anyone to use and often the photographer doesn’t care if they get credited for it. 

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Nuggie napping | photo by Renz