This blog is dedicated to all those animal addicts out there. I'm one of them and have been ever since before I can remember (according to the stories I've been told by my family of when I was a little girl). If you love animals as much as I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them on your dash! Do you know of any petitions for animal rights? If so please submit them to me! I would love to post as many as possible. I try to look some up but I would love being told of any I don't currently know about. You can check out petitions I have posted about here. I like to keep everything organized so click here for some ideas on tags you can search. They're linked there as well, to make it even easier. You can also search animals by their species or breed. And feel free to submit pictures of animals you've taken!

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Fun Fact About Antarctica: the orca, also known as th killer whale, is actually a member of the dolphin family. The orca is the biggest in the dolphin family and is one of the world’s top predators.

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Rockhopper Penguin
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Fun Facts About Antarctica: the mammals living in the Antartic rely on blubber to keep them warm in the harsh cold climate. A Weddell seal’s blubber can be four inches thick!

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Amazon Leaf Frog
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A Bull shark, which can live in both fresh and salt water. One of the many places the inhabit is the Amazon River and even the Mississippi River all the way up into Illinois. They live off of the coasts and also in rivers and so they’re found almost anywhere where there is shallow enough water for them to swim and at the right temperature as well. They have also been called the Zambezi shark and they have two other names that are considered unofficial; Zambi in Africa and as the Nicaragua shark in Nicaragua. Although they rarely get more than 9 feet some have been found up to 11.5 feet! When they reproduce they can have anywhere from one to thirteen pups in a litter.
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Amazon Giant Otter
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Glass Frog

Fun Fact About the Amazon: Poison dart frogs live in the Amazon and, as their name implies, are extremely poisonous and deadly. Tribal people will use the toxins they excrete to create poisonous darts to kill other animals. However if you have a pet “poison dart frog” it’s actually only a dart frog because once in captivity the frog loses all of its poison after a short period of time. There is no proof as to why but scientists think it has something to do with something they eat in the rainforest/the wild. So if you’ve ever wanted a poison dart frog and can deal with it not being poisonous you can go to many reptile stores and get one as a pet!

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