This blog is dedicated to all those animal addicts out there. I'm one of them and have been ever since before I can remember (according to the stories I've been told by my family of when I was a little girl). If you love animals as much as I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them on your dash! Do you know of any petitions for animal rights? If so please submit them to me! I would love to post as many as possible. I try to look some up but I would love being told of any I don't currently know about. You can check out petitions I have posted about here. I like to keep everything organized so click here for some ideas on tags you can search. They're linked there as well, to make it even easier. You can also search animals by their species or breed. And feel free to submit pictures of animals you've taken!

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Fun Fact About Africa: The fastest land animal in the world lives in Africa and it’s the cheetah.

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Fun Fact About Africa: The world’s largest land animal is the African elephant.

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Looking for something specific? Check out these tags!

If you’re looking for something specific you can always search the animal by its species or breed but here are some other tags you can also check out! This thread is linked on my page so you can always find it there as well. If you can think of anything else I’m forgetting, tags I use but forgot to add here or even tags I don’t currently use but you think would be useful to others, please let me know. Thank you!

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Fun Fact About China: There are more species of birds in China than anywhere else in the world.

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Recognize this species? Probably not. This is a dhole and it is an endangered species. Not many people even know this animal exists. Getting help requires education and it requires people to know that the species even exists in the first place! The dhole lives in China and its habitat is being taken away bit by bit but too quickly for this species to adapt and move elsewhere so unfortunately they die off, are too stressed to breed or the lack of food makes it so they can’t form strong packs as they once did. Pack generally consist of five to ten and they hunt a lot like wolves, as a pack, a family. Thankfully the help for tigers and jaguars and their habitat is actually helping the dholes as well. Still, we need people who are willing to take a stand for this species specifically and before it’s too late.