If you love animals as much as I do you'll love this blog! Every day is a new category of animals. Starting at midnight the category changes. The categories range from areas in the world to different types of animals as well. It will always start off with a fact about the animals in that category and then be followed by images, more facts, and also stories, new events, advice and more. You can also submit photos and information as well!

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Hearts are wild creatures; that’s why our ribs are cages.― Anon.
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Redwing blackbird | Toronto, Ontario | © Elizabeth Dreamer Photography
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Rudy Pohl
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Canadian black bear | animal blog
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Canadian Black Bear | animal blog

What’s your favorite animal living in the wilderness of Canada?

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Chipmunk | animal blog | photo credit


Why would you reblog a picture that I found and posted, delete my link and caption stating what the animal is, and add your spam to it? And then on top of that, why would you choose a picture that does not feature a tropical animal when you’re a tropical blog? In fact, it’s an animal that is basically completely opposite of a tropical animal and yet you run a tropical blog… That just sort of blows my mind, really. A picture of a baby Canadian lynx and it’s on your tropical blog? And you deleted my link to replace it with writing that 95% of us all hate to see, promoting yourself in the caption of every single picture you post and reblog, with the exact same spam (which I’m sure you just call a caption) every single time… and it’s a damn Canadian lynx on your “tropical” blog?! I just don’t get it… And on this note/rant, I say 95% of us all hate because it’s extremely annoying that Tumblr is a popularity contest to you. Don’t say it isn’t because if you feel the need to post spam in every single thing you post or reblog, you’re trying desperately to attract new followers in any way possible (although I really should say the lazy way). To do a small link and on pictures you yourself post or have taken is one thing, but to copy and paste the exact same thing into every single picture. every single one.. and to delete everything anyone else has written, including the credits that those who took the picture deserve very very to have on their work, is just plain rude. If I reblog a picture and there’s absolutely no writing I’ll post my caption which is stating the animal in the image and then a link to my blog for those in search of animal photos and information. However I would never delete someone’s credit, ever! And if someone posted the photo themselves and had a minor link (yeah, I edit/shorten links that are a long explanation or description and then at the very end the name of who posted the photo because the full writing is just way too much and too “hey! over here! look here! look at this writing! hey! hello!” in my opinion) and is a “speciality” blog as I call it (so not someone’s main but a blog dedicated to,let’s say, animals or… tropical things… even if there’s animals posted there that are complete opposite of tropical…), I  wouldn’t delete it. They found the photo, they did the work. What did you do? Saw it on your dash, reblogged, deleted their information, copy and pasted spam, and then posted it. Drives me nuts!

Okay, I just had to rant. I think I’ mostly shocked that elephants-and-paradise would reblog a lynx cub, delete my info on the picture as well as the caption explaining what the animal is, and then post their spam and call it a tropical image -palm to face- But I’m done! Rant over! Sorry hahaha

But have respect people! I’m a speciality blog and I post only animals, obviously. I include not only photos but information, facts, petitions and more. I hope to make a difference through this blog (and a few of my others) in some shape or form, big or small, for one or many. So my captions are one of two when it comes to regular images (not counting ones with facts included). They either feature the type of animal, a link to my blog, and credit for who took the photo or just the type of animal and a link to my blog. This is done in size small font because I don’t want the caption standing out. The image is what’s supposed to stand out, not my link. I don’t post these pictures to gain followers. So why do I include a link to my page? Because if people are looking for animal photos they can easily click there and come to my page and get that but also information and facts and petitions they may have never otherwise known about, thus helping animals or the areas in which they live. But I also make sure to not only post a link to my page because, again, that isn’t what’s important. What I find most important is keeping the credit and the caption stating what the animal is so that people are saying it’s one thing when it’s another. Confusion of species and breeds is one major reason Pitbulls are blamed for so much chaos; because many people think anything looking anywhere at all like a Pitbull must be a Pitbull. Short fur? Block head? Small eyes? Muscles? Attacking someone? It must be a Pitbull! No. Wrong. Pitbulls don’t even account for most of the dog attacks and bites!! So yes, it is a big deal to mix up breeds. It really is! So that’s why I include that caption. So again, please be respectful. I surfed the web looking for images, I found it, I posted it. Keep my caption or don’t reblog from me. It’ds called having respect. I know that’s something lacked horribly in this generation and that kills me so very much. My generation truly sickens me. But you don’t have to add to the negativity of the world in its current state. Instead change so others can follow! Be respectful, be kind, don’t start drama, don’t be rude, so on and so forth.

Okay, for real now, this rant is now seriously over! (; 

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Black squirrel | animal blog | photo credit
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Bluejay | animal blog | photo credit
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Canadian black bears by Norbert Rosing of NatGeo | animal blog
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by NaPix
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by Neptuno Photography, Flickr
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Canadian Lynx | animal blog
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A FACT ABOUT CANADIAN ANIMALS ;  Contrary to what its name suggests, the flying squirrel cannot fly. Instead, it glides with two furry membranes, called patagia, loosely stretched between its wrists and ankles. The membranes act as a parachute to support the squirrel while jumping from tree to tree. The flying squirrel normally glides diagonally downward from one branch, scurries to the top of the tree and jumps on a downward slant to the next one. The flying squirrel also has a flat, furry tail that it uses as a rudder while gliding. The squirrel uses both its tail and membrane to steer left and right, and even to make 180-degree turns. | animal blog