If you love animals as much as I do you'll love this blog! Every day is a new category of animals. Starting at midnight the category changes. The categories range from areas in the world to different types of animals as well. It will always start off with a fact about the animals in that category and then be followed by images, more facts, and also stories, new events, advice and more. You can also submit photos and information as well!

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Snow Leopard cub | animal blog
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Prairie Dog pup | animal blog
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A FACT ABOUT BABY ANIMALS;  Out of all the species of animals (humans not being within this category), the most unlikely to survive if abandoned or if its mother is killed or lost, is possibly a puppy. Although they’re absolutely adorable and if a human stumbles along the pup they will most likely come to its aid, it would otherwise be in a really bad spot. Puppies are born blind, deaf, without teeth and without their sense of smell. They’re basically little itty bitty blobs of fur that do nothing but feel around for their mother and cry out for thier mother’s aid in survival. | animal blog | photo credit
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Foal | animal blog
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Polar bear cubs | animal blog
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Hippopotamus calf | animal blog
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle hatchling | animal blog
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Eurasian lynx cub | animal blog
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Caribou calf | animal blog
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Snowy owl fledglings | animal blog
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Calf | animal blog
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