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NICKY -   He may look super old but he’s really only seven, meaning he’s got several more years to go as a small dog can easily live to thirteen or older. Remember that when you’re looking for a canine companion. Old dogs are great for so many reasons such as the fact they are usually well behaved and fully trained. Dogs and cats remain playful for most of their lives, so old dogs will typically still play fetch, tug-o-war, or wrestle but they are also very mellow too so they will lay by your side or in your lap and not interrupt you while you’re busy. Old dogs are often the absolute best for those who work a lot or don’t have a lot of time to play with the dog and aren’t planning to take the dog to the dog park or on walks. Nicky is extremely great with dogs of all sizes, cats, children and everyone for that matter. He’s a lover all around and a terrific companion for anyone! He’s loyal, calm, playful, and well behaved. How could you say no to a dog like that?!Spayed/Neutered: YES  Vaccinated: YES  Located in: Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA 19099Shelter: SNORT (Short Noses Only Rescue Team)Address: Contact for infoContact: Click link at bottomID #: N/AHours: Contact for infoClick here for a link for full information
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I adopted two dogs and they have no understanding of personal space. They are such lovers! My advice to everyone is this: never judge an animal based on its personality in a kennel or its first time meeting you. Animals might be shy or cautious, and for those on the streets that’s what has saved their lives. In a kennel they will be extremely scared and want to be freed so they might bark a lot, jump a lot, shake and tremble, whine, or remain curled in the corner. Odds are, that is no how the animal is when outside of the kennel whatsoever. If you see an animal read what they’ve written about its personality (if there, most shelters have something written on the paper on their kennel door) because they know from interacting with the animal multiple times and outside of the kennel where it’s absolutely terrified and confused. It’s like going to prison for absolutely no reason so I’m sure you’d be depressed, confused and scared as well. The mini schnauzer sitting in my lap was trembling with his tail tucked between his legs and wouldn’t approach. Once in the meeting room he walked right up to us and then placed his front two paws in our lap. He didn’t want to leave our side. Once adopted and outside of the kennel area in the front section to sign papers, he was going up to everyone to beg for love. When we exited the building he was skipping! The scruffy dark one laying to my side was barking and whining horribly. He tried desperately to dig under the kennel door on the concrete. In the meeting room he was a lover, sitting silently by my side and wanting to be loved and trying to play with the schnauzer (now named Walter - my fiance’s choice haha). In the office area the dark one (Oscar, because he looked like he’d been living in a trash can with how mat and dirt covered he was with his hair all over, desperately in need of grooming) was like Walter, looking for love. Oscar hasn’t barked once in the two weeks he’s been here, not even when someone knocks on the door. Again, never base an animal based off of its personality in the kennel at a shelter. I didn’t and now I have two dogs who are absolutely nothing like their kennel personalities. Same goes for meeting an animal in a foster home. My animals are all raised kennel free, so cats and dogs roam like they would if they were my own personal pet. Cats though still take time to warm up so I ask everyone to give the animal at least 7 days before considering to return them because it can easily take a few days for a cat to act like itself. Just like when someone come to meet one I tell them, go off my description, not what you see here. Cats are naturally cautious and independent animals so it’s rare for even a cuddly cat to go up to a stranger and want to cuddle immediately. Sure, it happens, but not often. Unlike dogs, they don’t slut out their love. So if you get an animal from a private rescue don’t judge the animal based on its first impression, or ask ahead of time if you can stay there for an hour to get a better idea. I am not saying the animal will be itself within the hour but it probably will warm up more and give you a slightly better idea. But your best bet is to take the animal home and give it a chance. The time frame I tell everyone is this: give a dog at least 72 hours to be itself. Give a cat at least 7 days/one week to be itself. Otherwise you might return an animal that if you’d given it a proper chance, fifty years later you’d look back and say “that was the best cat I ever had” or “I will never forget that dog, he was the best, he alerted me when my infant was having a seizure and I had no idea.” You never know! Give the animal a chance before turning away or you might turn down the best thing to ever happen to you pet wise!
Remember, ADOPT. DON’T SHOP.
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(206) 386-7387
2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119
Open 12pm to 6pm
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Hey Arizona! These two handsome gentleman are looking for their forever home! Interested? Well then click here!
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"They cut open the shelter fence and tossed in a bunch of puppies at night, by morning they were all dead from exposure"

"Someone busted open our gate, 4 dogs got out, we found them beaten to death the next day"

"The garbage collectors throw out poison for the dogs, then once they are dead they just toss into the compactors"

"Last night someone threw a bunch of rat poison into one of our runs, all 20 dogs died". Welcome to Greece. 

These quotes come from some very brave women who run 2 of the hardest working shelters in Greece, Trikala & Levadia. My amazing friend Vivian ofEmerald City Pet Rescue (ECPR) recently brought this to my attention & as a result we (Pet Pardons & ECPR) have come together & are flying 3 of their dogs from Greece to the United States where they will for the first time have families of their own who love them, they are Dumbo (now Zeus), Rex and Jump (now Apollo). 

These 2 shelters get ZERO assistance from the Greek Government, ZERO assistance from the locals in their town, and they are run by people with ZERO means, but they do it anyway, because they care that much.

What’s worse the Mayor’s of these towns won’t issue permits to make these shelters ‘legal’ so they are constantly under attack from the ‘authorities’. They are bullied, threatened and attacked, just for trying to save the dogs lives.

Conditions at their shelters are rough, and the condition of the animals they take in is worse, they are all abused, malnourished, terrified, sick and traumatized, the fact that any of them survive is a testament to the amazing work that these shelters do.

These brave people need to know they are not alone, they need to know that people care and most of all their dogs need our support. 

In their own words “We can’t keep up with the amount of animals being Abandoned, or strays that we need to care for! We need the Help! We are getting no help from our Govt for Dog & Cat Food, Vetting, Medications, or Sterilizations! We are in a Crises SItuation in Greece! We don’t have the money to pay for all the surgeries, medical care, and food without more help! Please!”

Well we are going to help them as much as we can, will you join us?

Right now the chipin is at $1000, if it gets to $2000 tonight before midnight Pacific Time then i will add $1000 from my own pocket.

Please give anything you can at:

Thank You!



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Such a lover! My fiance and I have a friend over so after Mirage watched the newcomer for a couple of hours and decided he’s trustworthy, she’s now going from one of us to the other, rubbing on us for attention. Despite the horrible abuse this girl has gone through, she is such a great cat. She’s also very beautiful and her one permanently squinted eye and her one fang that hangs out of her mouth is extra adorable. She also picked a chair in the living room and has decided it is hers. If you want to find Mirage she’s either laying on her chair or if someone has food, she’s standing a few feet behind them staring at the plate waiting for you to drop a piece - yeah, like a dog. Thankfully she doesn’t beg on your lap or actually try and steal some - unless it’s steak and you’re eating on the floor with the plate behind you as you work on a large puzzle and watch a show with your mom, totally not paying attention.. ahem.. not that it happened to me or anything. Mirage is a wonderful cat and she has a great personality and deserves so much happiness. Indoor cats live up to twenty years so be prepared for a long term commitment. But if you ever adopt through us we have you sign a form agreeing that if you can’t keep the animal it’s returned to us, so you know you always have somewhere for the pet if you can no longer keep it. We also offer free pet sitting, free basic grooming (teeth brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and baths) and all of our animals are raised as pets and are only placed up for adoption once physically healthy and behavior properly within the home. We also train our cats to go to the bathroom in the backyard but also to still use a litter box while kept indoors so even if you’re not up for installing a doggie door or letting the cat out, they will still use a litter box.
Interested in adopting? WE ALSO NEED A TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME FOR HER AND OTHERS. If you’re interested in adopting on or fostering contact me via  a message on the FB page (facebook.com/KennelsOfCompassion) and give me your email address and let me know if you need a foster form or an adoption form. They’re entirely different so please be sure to indicate which. They’re a very short form asking very basic questions to make sure your personalities will match (it asks what you’re looking for in a pet, what kind of pet, if you have children, etc. but nothing personal). This way we know the animal will be happy with you and you with the animal.
PS: Mirage and spayed and ready to go. We can have her microchipped, given any testing or vaccines before she comes into your home as well. Just let us know when filling out the questionnaire!

If you’re getting a new pet…


Thinking about adopting? KEEP THIS IN MIND: No matter what type of animal you’re going to get the very last thing on your mind should be appearance and age is right near that range as well. I say this because the first thing you should NOT say to someone when going to get a pet is “I only want a baby” or anything along those lines. It being a baby and adorable shouldn’t matter. What should matter is the personality. I make everyone fill out a quick questionnaire before I make my recommendations. When I tell people adoptions are based on personality, not appearance (and I also state “because kittens do grow up into cats”), few continue replying. It’s a shame and it makes me feel horrible for whatever pet they do get. Sure, they may be a fantastic home, but statistics show that people who will only get a puppy or kitten are far more likely to abandon their pet. They want something cute and adorable that they can go “aww” to every time they or someone else walks into the room and sees it, but animals grow up and quick! Before you know it they’re full sized and adults. I would much rather turn someone down for adoption than accept them and let them take an animal who I know won’t be happy with them. More so with cats than dogs, their personalities are like us humans and they are their own - meaning you can’t mold them into what you want. To some extent you have slight say in what they grow up to be like, but when it comes down to their true personality, that’s just whatever it turns out to be. When you get an animal it should be at least 8 months so that you can know for the most part what the animal is like. What their bad habits are, their positive traits, their main characteristic, how cuddly or playful or territorial they are. Even how loyal they are! Also, a kitten or puppy isn’t going to want to lay in your lap and be pet or cuddled at night. This, again, is more so with kittens than puppies. They want to play, explore, be independent and figure the world out. They don’t wan to cuddle on your lap as you watch a movie, snoozing or purring or rubbing against you. Kittens and puppies, although to some extent are loyal, aren’t loyal in that sense where they want to constantly be by your side. That’s an adult. And ADULT ANIMALS ARE STILL PLAYFUL. ANIMALS ARE PLAYFUL FOR MOST OF THEIR LIVES. Better when adults though because then they usually want to play WITH YOU. Kittens and puppies want to play with just anything they can get their teeth on. Cats love when you play with them using a string on a pole or laser pointer, while dogs want to play fetch or tug-o-war. Yes kittens and puppies do this too but still, they are more so independent at an earlier age due to trying to discover and figure the world out. If you want someone to be loyal, compassionate, playful yet cuddly, and also to bond with you mentally - you want a dog or cat, NOT puppy or kitten. The main point I make, a kitten or puppy isn’t going to bond with you. They will bond with almost anyone. Kittens and puppies will typically let anyone walk them, hop into any car, pick them up, etc. Dogs and cats though know who their owner is and will stick by their side, only budge if their owner has the leash, only come to their calling or whistle or whatever. Just keep this stuff in mind. It’s a lot to read but this is so important so that 1) you’re happy 2) your pet is happy 3) you don’t abandon the animal when it grows up and its personality isn’t what you wanted or expected


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