If you love animals as much as I do you'll love this blog! Every day is a new category of animals. Starting at midnight the category changes. The categories range from areas in the world to different types of animals as well. It will always start off with a fact about the animals in that category and then be followed by images, more facts, and also stories, new events, advice and more. You can also submit photos and information as well!

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A FACT ABOUT EUROPEAN ANIMALS ;  The existence of breed is very old. One school of thought states that these horses have been in existence since pre-historic times. The origins of this breed are not very well known. Many believe that these horses descended from an extinct horse called Soutre that was found in the southeast region of France. Celts, Franks, Romans, Greeks, Moors and many more people settled in this region of France and all the horses they brought along with them has played a part in the development of this breed. Today, however, this breed is well protected and cared for. To preserve the purity of this breed, the French government set up the breed standards in 1976. In the year 1978, the first stud book was released for this breed. The gardians are people who are responsible for branding, annual inspection and gelding of stock that is not suitable. | animal blog
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Camargue Horses | animal blog | photo credit
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Camargue horses | animal blog
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Camargue horses | animal blog
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Wild Icelandic Horses | animal blog
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Horses | animal blog
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Family of horses | animal blog | photo credit
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Mustangs | animal blog
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Horses in the pasture | animal blog
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Mother and daughter | animal blog | photo credit

Your opportunity to HELP the ANIMALS!!



If you care about animals too help them by helping us build the first Farm Animals Sanctuary.
this FREEDOM Sanctuary will serve as a shelter for rescued animals from the meat and dairy industries, and will provide an opportunity for a comfortable, free, compassionate and well being life.

You can help build this farm by simply liking and sharing the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Freedom-Farm-Sanctuary/271459076365621?fref=ts 


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Appaloosa | animal blog
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