This blog is dedicated to all those animal addicts out there. I'm one of them and have been ever since before I can remember (according to the stories I've been told by my family of when I was a little girl). If you love animals as much as I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them on your dash! Do you know of any petitions for animal rights? If so please submit them to me! I would love to post as many as possible. I try to look some up but I would love being told of any I don't currently know about. You can check out petitions I have posted about here. I like to keep everything organized so click here for some ideas on tags you can search. They're linked there as well, to make it even easier. You can also search animals by their species or breed. And feel free to submit pictures of animals you've taken!

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Friesian horse | (credit)
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I am extremely against being a vegan because of how insanely unhealthy it is. A pro football player turned vegan and during that season broke many bones. The doctor told him it was due to his change in habits. He did it over time, carefully, as healthy as he could. However, being a vegan is extremely unhealthy. Our teeth are designed to chew meat for a reason. Our bodies soak up the nutrients for a reason. Just like any vet will tell you it’s cruelty to animals to make them a vegan. many animals lose their lives every single year due to people forcing their beliefs onto their animals, killing them in a very slow fashion as they wither from the inside out until they die. Some are thankfully saved if they get to the vet in time who immediately instructs the person to cease the vegan diet and give them the nutrients their animal desperately needs.
My point in all of this is this - I do agree with eating meat and therefore I agree with farms raising animals to be killed for meat. HOWEVER what I do not agree with is how the animals are slaughtered. They shouldn’t be slaughtered, plain and simple. They should be killed, obviously, but not slaughtered. To euthanize an animal before killing it would not be hard at all.
Many times chickens are hung by their feet, their throats slit and yet they survive (although it’s supposedly supposed to kill them), and then are dunked in boiling hot water (remember, many still alive) so that their feathers will fall off. It is extremely gruesome. Many pigs and cows and all sorts of other animals are beaten to death, kicked around, etc. Babies tied tightly to the ground, unable to move at all. It is all very sick, very twisted, cruel and heartless. The people working in these slaughter houses do not view animals like they view humans. Shoot, they might not even view humans very highly either.
What’s sad is there are farms who do everything humanely. They allow the cattle to roam the pastures and eat grass and hay. Pigs live in stalls or gated in areas where they’re allowed to roam happily, freely, unrestricted by cold steel bars pressing into their sensitive flesh. Many pigs are forced to become pregnant and then stuck laying on the floor. They are denied the ability to stand, to stretch their legs or curl them up as they become cold in the night. They are denied the sun against their flesh, the feeling of a cool Autumn breeze, the smell of the dew touched grass. They are forced to lay on the barren floor of a prison like cage and despite their inner instinct to care for their young, to keep them warm and safe and comforted in a bed of leaves and straw, they are denied this right. They are forced to lay on the cold hard ground and watch as their children are ripped away from them far too soon. Those workers hear her screams, her cries for help, her pleading for her young to be returned to her side. They know she is in great pain, great discomfort both physically and mentally. But it isn’t only the female pigs or female cows, goats, whatever. It’s the males too who are pumped full of drugs to grow quicker than they would in a normal situation. Chickens are prepared to be slaughtered at a mature age and size, when in nature it would take many more months for them to grow to that size, that maturity.
These animals are not seen or treated as animals. They are seen and treated, as though their only purpose is to reproduce and provide us with food. It is sick. They are living, breathing, thinking , feeling and remembering animals. They know their situation isn’t normal, isn’t right. They know there is more to life. They know they’re about to die, they’re being neglected and abused, being tortured. They remember it. They remember every single second of it and they can sense the death, misery and pain that surrounds them every single day and night.
And although these animals feel alone, they are not. They are not alone and never will be as long as there are people like us who take a stand and be their voice. We must speak up for those who can not. Stand with me and many others who feel the same about the cruel slaughter on animals and sign the petition today.
Changes must be made so that animals are raised properly and freely. No animal should be subjected to neglect or cruelty, kept in an area where they are not able to move both freely and comfortably, not pumped full of drugs, not forced to eat or drink anything they do not wish to, and most definitely killed in a way that is both quick and efficent so that there is a very minimum amount of pain felt for a very minimum amount of time. Sign here to end cruel slaughter!
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