If you love animals as much as I do you'll love this blog! Every day is a new category of animals. Starting at midnight the category changes. The categories range from areas in the world to different types of animals as well. It will always start off with a fact about the animals in that category and then be followed by images, more facts, and also stories, new events, advice and more. You can also submit photos and information as well!

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Arctic Squirrel | dog blog | photo credit
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North American red squirrel | animal blog
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Hearts are wild creatures; that’s why our ribs are cages.― Anon.
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Black squirrel | animal blog | photo credit
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A FACT ABOUT CANADIAN ANIMALS ;  Contrary to what its name suggests, the flying squirrel cannot fly. Instead, it glides with two furry membranes, called patagia, loosely stretched between its wrists and ankles. The membranes act as a parachute to support the squirrel while jumping from tree to tree. The flying squirrel normally glides diagonally downward from one branch, scurries to the top of the tree and jumps on a downward slant to the next one. The flying squirrel also has a flat, furry tail that it uses as a rudder while gliding. The squirrel uses both its tail and membrane to steer left and right, and even to make 180-degree turns. | animal blog 
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Baby squirrel | animal blog | photo credit
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Baby Squirrel Sleeping by Betweenland on Flickr.
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(c) Peg353 on DeviantArt
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